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Engineering Physics' Peter Mascher Represents McMasterU on the World Stage

Engineering Physics’ Peter Mascher Represents McMasterU on the World Stage

Earlier this month, Engineering Physics’ own, Peter Mascher,¬†attended a research and development summit in Nanjing, China. Co-chaired by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, the summit brought…

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Final Speaker for This Semester's Lecture Series Announced

Final Speaker for This Semester’s Lecture Series Announced

The final speaker for the lecture has been announced! Join Leonardo Tessler (Gleb Wataghin Institute of Physics, University of Campinas, Brazil) tomorrow evening for one…

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'Tis the season...for course evaluations.

‘Tis the season…for course evaluations.

Hey students, it’s that time of year again! Please remember to fill out your course evaluation form (see PDF link below) as these are imperative…

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