Canadian Nuclear Society Events!

Canadian Nuclear Society Events!

The Canadian Nuclear Society Golden Horseshoe Branch would like to invite you to an upcoming seminar and event “A Night Out for Nuclear!”: We look forward to seeing you at both!



  1. Speaker: Dr. Erwin Alhassan, Post-doctoral Fellow, McMaster

Title: Total Monte Carlo and Bayesian Updating in Nuclear Data Uncertainty Propagation

Date/Time: March 28th, 1 pm – 2:30 pm 

Location: ETB-533 (Engineering Technology Building), McMaster University.




  1. Speaker:Jacques Plourde, Past President of the Canadian Nuclear Society

Title: A Night Out for Nuclear!

Date/Time: April 3rd, 7 pm – Onward…

Location: Phoenix Bar and Grill, McMaster University.

“A Night Out for Nuclear!” will offer attendees three VERY short courses on: (1) how nuclear power works; (2) what you should know about radiation; and (3) about Jacques’ career in nuclear, in three ~20 minute segments. Between each segment, the crowd is encouraged to ask questions as this is meant to be an Interactive Q&A Evening to learn about nuclear science, while enjoying a drink! Jacques is also a very social man and would be happy to sit with your table to go into some more detail about how nuclear science works after his presentations. After the three segments, there will also be a round of trivia (based on Jacques presentation slides), and the top teams will be awarded a free appetizer for their table!


There is no parking near the pub, a quick Google search will show nearby streets.


In addition to the events, I would like to bring the following items to your attention:

  1. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the CNS, it is free for students. You can do so here. Students will need confirmation that they are indeed students, I can provide this confirmation to the CNS.
  2. If you’re a member of the CNS but have not yet renewed your membership for 2017, please do so by logging into your account on the CNS website. Again, students will need confirmation, which I can provide.
  3. In an effort to conduct our seminars in an environmentally friendly way, please bring your own mugs for coffee/tea to the seminar. The catering service re-uses unused paper cups.


Contact Jason Sharpe ( if you have any further questions!