Engineering Physics Ambassadors


Welcome to the Engineering Physics Ambassador page!

Our recently established Ambassador program is a fantastic opportunity to enhance the Engineering Physics student experience.

Our Ambassadors represent our Department and are knowledgeable about our undergraduate programs, the happenings within the department, and help give prospective students a personal and informative connection with The Department of Engineering Physics and the McMaster community at large.

They act as the go-to person for current and prospective students’ questions and concerns, and serve as representatives at all relevant departmental, faculty, and university-wide events.


Meet Our Ambassadors

 What Do They Do?

Our student Ambassadors address the departmental need for community and open communication about life and education in Engineering Physics. In brief, they are the face and voice of the department. The Ambassadors serve as liaisons to students and engineering/community organizations, and assist in the development and implementation of department-specific projects. Along with the Engineering Physics Society, the Ambassadors are an invaluable link to the Engineering Physics student body, as well as the larger Engineering faculty. By establishing meaningful relationships with prospective and current students, faculty, and staff, student Ambassadors create a sense of belonging and connectedness in the Department of Engineering Physics.

As always, our Ambassadors will represent Engineering Physics at various events. You can come to any of our events (including May@Mac, Engineering and Science High School Olympics, Engineering 1 Information Session, Engineering Physics Information Night, etc.) and ask our Ambassadors any questions you may have about our program (find them in bright yellow t-shirts!)

Our Ambassadors may also visit High Schools and give an Engineering Physics lecture/demo. The Ambassadors are also starting a brand new Student for a Day Program. This will be for Grade 11-12 students and will involve getting to know exactly what the life of an Engineering Physics student is like, including attending classes, labs, tutorials, and perhaps more! Apply under “Future Engineering Physics Students.” For our current students, Ambassadors will facilitate a peer-to-peer mentoring program offered to level 2 Engineering Physics students.

If you have any questions for an Eng Phys Ambassador, be sure to check out “Who Are They” and how to contact them!

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Who Are They?

The Engineering Physics Ambassadors are charismatic, confident, and professional leaders who are enthusiastic about Engineering Physics and all it has to offer.

Returning Ambassadors: Kiranpreet Birdee, Dawson Bonneville, Leanne Dias, Megan Goodland, Michael Jobity, Mitchell Kurnell, Matt Schembri, and Devan Wagner.

New Ambassadors: Hani Dawood, Dylan Genuth-Okon, Sherwin Hassan, Josh Kneller, Jonathan La, Arthur Mendez-Rosales, Ryan Ng, Adam Otto, Matthew Poloni, Amit Rao, and Michael Tucker

Ambassador Profiles:

Leanne Dias Photo

Leanne Dias

Engineering Physics & Management CO-OP, Level 5

Why I chose Eng Phys: I chose Eng Phys because it not only investigates advances in modern technology, but it teaches students the fundamental physics and applications of such devices. It integrates many areas of physics into one program, and allows students to develop a wide range of skills that are adaptable to projects even outside Eng Phys.

Clubs: Eng Phys Society President

Dylan Genuth-Okon Photo

Dylan Genuth-Okon

Engineering Physics & Management CO-OP, Level 3

Why I chose Eng Phys: I wanted to go into physics in high school, one day I came to McMaster for the Science and Engineering Olympics, participated and discovered Engineering Physics. I learned about all the awesome things that this program had to offer and applied.

Clubs: 3rd year representative for Engineering Physics Society, Engineering Physics representative for Undergraduate Student Research in Engineering (USRE), Engineering Physics Tutor

Megan Goodland Photo

Megan Goodland

Engineering Physics CO-OP, Level 4, Nuclear and Photonics streams

Why I chose Eng Phys: I chose Eng Phys because I wanted to pursue a career in sustainable energy!

Clubs: McMaster Engiqueers, Women in Engineering, CNS McMaster Chapter, and MES Volunteer

Sherwin Hassan Photo

Sherwin Hassan

Engineering Physics CO-OP, Level 3
(Interdisciplinary: Photonics and Nanotechnology)

Why I Chose Eng Phys: I chose Eng Phys because I get to learn about many different engineering disciplines to a high degree. This will bring about many opportunities in different fields.

Adam Otto Photo

Adam Otto

Engineering Physics & Management, Level 3
(Interdisciplinary: Photonics and Nanotechnology)

Why I Chose Eng Phys: I chose engineering physics because I wanted to study nuclear engineering.  I also wanted to keep my options open after my degree in regards to doing research or working in industry and Engineering Physics was the perfect fit for my goals.

Clubs: I participate in the Engineering Physics Society.

Jon La Photo

Jon La

Engineering Physics CO-OP, Level 3

Math Minor

Why I Chose Eng Phys: I chose Engineering Physics because I’m curious about how the world works at a fundamental level. After working in computational machine learning for the past 1.5 years, I’ve discovered that the Engineering Physics curriculum teaches students to be successful in any industry.

Clubs: Computational chemistry lab, satellite engineering, language memory brain lab

Arthur Mendez-Rosales Photo

Arthur Mendez-Rosales

Engineering Physics & Management CO-OP, Level 3

Why I Chose Eng Phys: Eng Phys is the only program that offers me the opportunity to apply knowledge from the most pioneering and innovative theories of our time. It is the essential bridge between pure science and engineering.

Clubs: I’m the McMaster Guitar Club President and a member of the MES Peer Tutor Program


Amit Rao

Engineering Physics CO-OP, Level 3

I chose Eng Phys because it gives me the ability to apply modern physics into engineering applications. The ability to work with upcoming technology, whether it be through research or industrial application, is very intriguing and interesting. The Eng Phys community is also very helpful in making me feel at home, and if I’m stuck on something there are definitely people ready to get my back.

Clubs & Projects: I work for engineering outreach

Devan Wagner Photo

Devan Wagner

Engineering Physics & Mgmt CO-OP, Level 5

Reasons for Eng Phys: Engineering Physics was actually the entire reason I came to McMaster in the first place. It was the best avenue to learn more about my main interests in physics – like nuclear and quantum – and apply them in society.
Clubs: McMaster NEUDOSE, Engineering Physics Society





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How To Contact An Ambassador

Please feel free to get in contact with an Engineering Physics Ambassador if you have any questions about the Engineering Physics Program, Student Life, or anything else!

Click here to contact an Engineering Physics Ambassador!

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Future Engineering Physics Students


Student For A Day

Engineering Physics Student For A Day

Experience a day-in-the-life of a McMaster Engineering Physics student!


E.P.I.C! = Engineering Physics is Cool!


Do you want to know what separates McMaster’s Engineering Physics program from the rest?

Come join us for a personalized experience. What do you want to know about our program? What day and time works best for you? Who do you want to meet? What you would like to see? This is an opportunity for you to become better acquainted with your future.

After submitting your request, we’ll match you up with an Ambassador who will be your Student For A Day guide. Your Ambassador will create an itinerary for your visit to Engineering Physics that encompasses the feedback you have provided to us.

This program is open both to High School Students (Grade 11 and 12) and Level 1 Engineering Students!


To register for Student For A Day, please fill out our form. 


Program details

  • It is our goal to accommodate all requests that we get for this program. However, we do ask that you provide 2 weeks’ notice of your intended visit so that we may plan accordingly.
  • Visits may go beyond classes to include other shared interests, such as clubs and student teams.
  • You’ll be provided with a customized itinerary before your visit, outlining activities and locations, and contact information (in case of emergencies).
  • In general, activities will take place on McMaster’s main campus during regular business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday) from September to the end of November and from mid-January to the end of March. May through August has limited availability.
  • Beyond the visit, parents/guardians are welcome to continued conversations with our Ambassador team throughout the post-secondary application process.



Student for a Day opportunities are currently reserved for High School Students (Grade 11 & 12) as well as Level 1 Engineering students.

You may also wish to arrange separate tours of our campus. Visit this website for more information.



Please fill out our Student For A Day Form.



The comfort, safety, and well-being of all participants are important for the success of individual visits and the program. The Student For A Day program does realize that life happens and things can change. Please be considerate of the time and effort put in by the Ambassadors to personalize your day and advise as soon as possible if you cannot make your scheduled appointment or need to reschedule.


Matches can be cancelled by contacting Nicole Macdonald at



The ambassadors are experienced, undergraduate student leaders, who have taken an interest in recruiting future students to Engineering Physics. They are the same volunteers who support on- and off-campus Engineering Physics recruiting initiatives, such as open houses and the Ontario Universities Fair. You can learn more about them above.


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Thinking of applying to McMaster Engineering?

Our web page for future undergraduate students has all the information you need! Click here!


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