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This site has been developed as a comprehensive Health and Safety resource for faculty, staff, and students working in Engineering Physics (EP) and the Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT).

Though two distinct organizations, overlap between the CEDT and Engineering Physics has fostered the establishment of a joint Health and Safety Committee. The motivation of the Committee in creating this site is to assist the Engineering Physics Department and the CEDT in meeting their responsibilities for matters of workplace health and safety as defined in McMaster University’s Workplace and Environmental Health and Safety Policy.

Our internal health and safety programs are intended to implement the programs and practices laid out in McMaster University’s Risk Management Manual (RMM), distributed by the Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS) department.  The RMM lays out an encompassing, university-wide safety policy program, whereas the LSH documents safe laboratory practices.

Health & Safety Resources

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Notable Safety Sites

Safety Fast Facts

Departmental Safety Bulletin Boards

Regulations outlined in RMM#319 dictate that certain resources must be posted on “Safety Boards” throughout the University.

Safety Board Locations

Faculty of Engineering – JHE Lobby
Eng Phys/CEDT – JHE A315
MBE Lab – TAB 110


Dial 88 from any phone on campus.

As an employee, you have…

  • the right to know
  • the right to participate
  • the right to refuse unsafe work

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Have a question? Ask your Supervisor.

If anything presented in this site leaves you uncertain, please feel free to discuss your concern with your Supervisor or a representative of the H&S Committee.You have the right to know about potential safety hazards in your work area, you have the right to bring safety concerns to your Supervisor’s attention and have those concerns addressed, and you have the right to refuse work that you believe is unsafe to your health.Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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