Inspiring Grade 8 Student Develops Award Winning Project in McMaster’s Engineering Physics Lab


Michael Wolfe, a grade eight student at Trinity Christian School in Burlington, was recently awarded a gold at the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF) and silver in the junior category at the Canada-wide Science Fair (CWSF) this past year. Inspired by Tesla, Faraday, and Maxwell’s work on wireless transmission and electromagnetism, Michael’s project, “Wi-Tricity”, considers the wireless transmission of energy through electromagnetic induction. Michael had the opportunity to complete his project in one of McMaster’s Engineering Physics labs.

In addition to these two prestigious awards, Michael was the first recipient of the Nikola Tesla Innovation award from the Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation (NTEC) – an award conferred to those inspired by Nikola Tesla. Given Tesla’s influence on his work, Michael was invited to join in on the NTEC’s request to rename a portion of Burlington Street to the “Nikola Tesla Expressway” at a recent meeting held by the Planning Committee of the City of Hamilton.

Click below to watch Michael’s speech to the planning committee that touches on the sources of inspiration that led to his nationally-recognized project.

Congrats on all of your success, Michael. There’s a spot with your name on it here in Eng Phys!