Why Take Engineering Physics?


  • A degree in Engineering Physics will prepare you for entry into some of today’s most exciting technologies – areas such as lasers, fiber optic communications, microelectronics, information technology, nuclear power, and nuclear instrumentation.
  • The program provides a broad background in basic science and engineering that is essential for the rapidly changing high technology environment that engineers face in the years ahead.
  • An education in Engineering Physics provides an understanding of how to apply basic science to the solution of engineering problems.
  • Graduates of Engineering Physics have the confidence and ability to tackle and solve problems.

Some quotes from recent graduates of our programmes illustrate what Engineering Physics is all about:

The range of subject materials (in Engineering Physics) was good preparation for my industrial work since it prepared me to change directions quickly and to handle many unrelated projects simultaneously…

… The one aspect of my Engineering Physics education that shines through is that I was taught how to learn!! As a result, I feel comfortable with new ideas/concepts/technologies…

…A background in Engineering Physics allows you freedom to move in many directions. Engineering (in general) is an interdisciplinary field and Engineering Physics has shown me there is nothing we can’t tackle …