Our faculty and graduate students are involved in a wide range of research  specializing in electronic and optical materials, electro-optic systems, photonics, and nuclear engineering.

Did you know?

  • Peter Mascher, Professor in Engineering Physics was awarded The William Sinclair Chair in Optoelectronics.
  • Faculty members are working closely with industry in the areas of Plasma Technology, Pollution Control and Nuclear Engineering?
  • Graduate students are working in the area of the design and control of safety features related to the CANDU series of nuclear reactors, which is of interest to Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

The collaborative spirit within the Department of Engineering Physics is reflected by the participation of faculty in several provincial and/or national Centres of Excellence including:

 Interdepartmental research groups include:

 Through strong ties to industry, government, and other centres of excellence, our researchers work with others around the world to create knowledge and find engineering solutions to many of society’s problems and challenges.

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