Nuclear Engineering and Energy Systems


McMaster University boasts a Nuclear Engineering program with a long and proud tradition. Situated on campus is the university’s very own research reactor, MNR, a 5MW plate-type swimming pool reactor with irradiation, neutron activation analysis, hot cell, neutron radiography, and extensive beamtube facilities. The reactor has been recently converted to low-enrichment uranium (LEU) fuel and extensive safety analysis studies are underway providing many exciting and unique research opportunities.

Current research is being carried out in the areas of reactor physics, nuclear instrumentation, fusion technologies, nuclear instrumentation, thermalhydraulics, pollutant analysis and control, computer simulation and computer networks. The university’s facilities are complementd by collaborations with Atomic Energy of Canada, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Ontario Power generation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ebara Co., etc.

Research into Energy Systems encompasses studies into solar photovoltaics for development of flexible panels. Techniques currently being explored involve either embedding semiconductor nano-wires or small scale silicon-based solar cells into plastic sheets.

Below is a linked list to the faculty involved in the nuclear area at McMaster:

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