2015/16 EP 4A06 Capstone Project Gallery


The Design and Synthesis Project (Eng Phys 4A06) of the Engineering Physics Department at McMaster University is the culmination of a four-year education in Engineering Physics. It is the ultimate test of the student’s capabilities in both engineering and state-of-the-art physics. When a student has successfully completed this course, he or she is ready to solve any problem in engineering and/or applied physics that modern society may pose.

2015/16 Projects:

2015/16 – VIRGIL:

2015/16 – Project Heimdall:

2015/16 – ASKY-16 the Maze Solving Robot:

2015/16 – QuaDog:

2015/16 – eyeSpy:

2015/16 – sntch:

This device was the recipient of the People’s Choice Award.


2016/17 – Coming soon!