Technical Electives



Courses listed below may be taken as technical electives without permission of the Engineering Physics Department. However, to be admitted, Engineering Physics students must still meet the prerequisites for the course, and obtain permission of the instructor.

Other courses not listed below may be taken as technical electives upon approval of the Associate Chair.

It is your responsibility to make sure the courses fit into your timetable and to obtain any necessary permission from the instructor offering the course.

Any Level 3 or 4 Engineering Physics course may be taken as a technical elective in List 2.

There are two lists of technical electives: list 1 contains courses outside of engineering; list 2 contains engineering courses including courses within the Faculty of Engineering.

List 1


Course Title

BIOPHYS 3S03 Soft Condensed Matter Physics
BIOPHYS 4S03 Introduction to Molecular Biophysics
PHYS 3A03 Relativity
PHYS 3C03 Analytical Mechanics
PHYS 3K03 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 3MM3 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 4B03 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 4E03 Particle and Nuclear Physics
PHYS 4F03 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 4G03 Computational Physics
PHYS 4K03 Solid State Physics
MATH 3D03 Mathematical Physics II
MED PHYS 3R03 Computational Medical Physics
MED PHYS 4B03 Radioactivity & Radiation Interactions
MED PHYS 4D03 Imaging in Medicine & Biology
MED PHYS 4F03 Fundamentals of Health Physics
MED PHYS 4R06 Radiation & Radioisotope Methodology
MED PHYS 4T03 Clinical Applications of Physics in Medicine
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List 2


Course Title

MATLS 3M03 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
MATLS 3Q03 Materials for Electronic Applications
MATLS 4FF3 Synthesis & Applications of Nanomaterials
MATLS 4G03 Characterization of Nanomaterials
MATLS 4H03 Thin Film Science & Engineering
MATLS 4N03 Hydrogen, Solar & Nuclear Materials
MATLS 4Q03 Advanced Functional Materials
ELEC ENG 3FK4 Electromagnetic II
ELEC ENG 3PI4 Power Devices & Systems
ELEC ENG 3TR4 Communication Systems
ELEC ENG 4BC3 Modelling of Biological Systems
ELEC ENG 4BD4 Biomedical Instrumentation
ELEC ENG 4BE4 Medical Robotics
ELEC ENG 4BF3 Medical Imaging
ELEC ENG 4EM4 Photonic Devices & Systems
ELEC ENG 4FJ4 Microwave Engineering
ELEC ENG 4PK4 Power Electronics
ELEC ENG 4PL4 Energy Systems & Management
ELEC ENG 4TK4 Digital Communications Systems
ELEC ENG 4TM4 Digital Communications II
MECH ENG 4E03 Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
MECH ENG 4J03 Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
MECH ENG 4O04 Sustainable Energy Systems
MECH ENG 4R03 Control Systems
MECH ENG 4S03 Incompressible Flow
MECH ENG 4U03 Compressible Flow and Turbomachinery
MECH ENG 4V03 Thermo-Fluids Systems Design and Analysis
MECH ENG 4W03 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
MECH ENG 4Y03 Internal Combustion Engines
CHEM ENG 4T03 Applications of Chemical Engineering in Medicine
CHEM ENG 4Z03 Interfacial Engineering
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