Eng Phys 4G03/6G03

Optical Instrumentation

Term II – 2015/2016

Instructor: Dr. Q. Fang

Prerequisites: ENG PHYS 3E03 or PHYSICS 3N03
Antirerequisites: ENG PHYS 3G03


Course Outline:
The course provides a general knowledge of optical devices and measurement techniques. The students will gain sufficient background to design basic optical instrumentation, and to properly carry out measurements employing these instruments. Additionally, an introduction to industrial, commercial, consumer, and medical applications of photonics; the fundamental physics governing the principal of the design and operation of optical instrumentation will be described and developed; emphasize on description of photonic solutions to real and industrially relevant problems. Some of the lectures/tutorials will be given by invited experts in that field.

Please find the full syllabus for ENG PHYS 4G03/6G03 here.