Eng Phys 4MD3/6MD3

Advanced Materials & Next-Generation Devices

Term II – 2015/2016

Instructor: Dr. A. Turak

Prerequisite: ENG PHYS 3F03 or 3F04; and credit or registration in one of ENG PHYS 3PN3, 3PN4 or 4E03


Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Differentiate between conduction models for inorganic, organic and nanoscale semiconductors
  • Distinguish the basic physics underlying the operation of various device architectures
  • Critique chief technical challenges and critical materials issues for modern devices
  • Examine the state of the art of modern semiconductor device technology
  • Use engineering tools to predict the incorporation of candidate materials and the specific properties required for electronic devices

Please find the full syllabus for ENG PHYS 4MD3 here.