Eng Phys 4S03/6S03

Lasers & Electro-Optics

Term I – 2015/2016

Instructor:  Dr. C.Q. Xu

Prerequisite: ENG PHYS 3E03 or PHYSICS 3N03
Antirequisite: ENG PHYS 4S04

Qianli Ma

Course Outline:
The material covered in this course includes the basic description of light in terms of electro-magnetic fields. Relevant aspects of geometric and physical optics as well as physics of  radiation will be reviewed. The propagation of light through materials and the optical response of materials are used to introduce non-linear optical phenomena, including optical amplification. The properties of resonators and the basic operation of lasers are discussed and the unique properties of laser radiation are described. These topics are described in the context of representative laser systems and their industrial applications as well as optical mirrors, detectors, modulators, optical fibers, etc.

This lecture course is aimed at providing a foundation for understanding of physics and applications of lasers and other electro-optic devices.

Course Text:
Kelin J. Kuhn, “Laser Engineering”, Prentice-Hall, 1998.

Marking Scheme:

Class quizzes & tests 15%
Report 20%
Student Seminar* 15%
Final Exam 50%

(*) Presentation of a seminar is a mandatory part of the course. Seminar sessions will be scheduled at the end of the term. Seminar grading will be done through a peer-review by fellow students. All students registered in course are expected to attend all the seminars and fill up the peer assessment forms at the end of each presentation. Specific instructions on seminar preparation and list of suggested topics will be given later.

The instructor and university reserve the right to modify elements of the course during the term.  The university may change the dates and deadlines for any or all courses in extreme circumstances.  If either type of modification becomes necessary, reasonable notice and communication with the students will be given with explanation and the opportunity to comment on changes.  It is the responsibility of the student to check their McMaster email and course websites weekly during the term and to note any changes.